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mythdr ESS login home Depot employee self service login

Visit Home depot’s login page and follow the guide given below to login and enroll in the Employee Self-Service(ESS) program.

mythdhr | ESS Login Procedure

Once you enroll for the Employee self service (ESS) program, you can login to your employee self service area and manage your account conveniently at any time.

If you have already signed up, simply go to and log in. Once you open the ESS Login page at, you will see two input fields.

  • You have the option to enter Store number or select another location
  • Enter the ‘Username’ in the next field
  • Then Enter ‘Password’
  • Click ‘Login’

ESS Account – Recover Password

In case you forget your ESS login credentials you can always recover your password.

  • To recover your ESS account’s password follow the guide:
  • Visit the Login page at
  • Enter your email address and click ‘Send email’
  • You will then receive an email within 15 minutes with a link to reset password

Follow the Link and instructions to reset your ESS login account credentials.

Mythdhr ESS Contact

If you do not receive an email within 15 minutes or have forgotten the e-mail address associated with your account, please contact ESS Customer Support at 1-800-628-0525, or if you’re a Pro Xtra Member, please contact the Pro Xtra Customer Service Centre at 1-800-759-2070.

Tips For Using The Home Depot Employee Self Service Login at

When you want to access the Employee Self Service network, make sure that you use caution and login to your account in a secure way.

For security reasons, ensure that you print documents to a secure printer and you log out of your account when you are through with your online session. Always check the upcoming schedule so that you can plan for your work accordingly.

You can learn a great deal about your benefits qualifications, health plans, and spending accounts from the mythdhr ESS self-service website.

About Home depot ESS Benefits of the System mythdhr

Associates who enroll at mythdhr Employee self-service Online program can view their:

The system was designed specifically for the Home Depot Employee to manage their everyday work schedules.

However, Home Depot employees can do a lot more by simply login to their Mythdhr ESS login account.

Some features and benefits of ESS mythdhr online account are listed below:

  • Payroll information,
  • Upcoming work schedules,
  • Career advise,
  • Get assistance regarding their benefits through the Employee Self Service Home,
  • Depot’s associate portal,
  • Paycheck amounts,
  • Get a payroll card,
  • Add bank accounts for direct deposits,
  • Go through employee benefits and what is offered in different programs,
  • Work hours and schedules are also available via the website.

About Home Depot-Employee Self Service Guide

Founded in 1978, The Home Depot is the largest home-improvement retail chain in the US.

The retail giant sells household improvement & construction products and tools.

Over the years, Home Depot has grown to become a household name in the DIY household construction and renovation niche.

It revolutionized the household improvement industry by introducing handy and affordable tools to DIY consumers across America.

The founders also gave customers the bill of rights which gave them the right to assort, price, and dedicated sales associates.

As the 8th largest employer among companies listed in S&P 500, The Home Depot employs over 300,000 associates.

The majority of associates work in retail stores across the country while others work at the corporate sections of the company.

Home Depot has an employee self service website which enables associates of the company to access specific information about their employment.

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