McdVoice – Get free Food at McDonalds By Completing McDonald’s Survey

Win Free McDonald's Sandwich Take the McDonalds survey and give yourself a treat with free food on your next trip.

You just have to enter a small guest experience survey at mcdvoice to receive a coupon code after completing a small series of questions and answers.

You can then take the mcdvoice coupon Code with you and your receipt to the restaurant and redeem your free food that includes sandwiches, drinks etc.

You might also get lucky to be one of the Monthly Winners to get Cash Prizes.

Win Free McDonald's Sandwich

To get all this, all you have to do is answer simple Survey Questions on

These Questions Include:

  • Your Experience at the fast food-Chain,
  • Your reviews and opinions about their Customer services,
  • Cleanliness of the Restaurant,
  • Order reliability and Accuracy,
  • and Staff / Operators coordination with the customers.


About McDonalds Survey – MCDVOICE


Survey website

Survey rewards

Free food and cash prize.


US, Canada, UK.

Entry limit

1 entry per receipt.

Age limit

13 years or above.

Survey limit

5 surveys in a month for 1 person

Receipt validation

30 days.


English, French, Spanish.


Mcdonald’s Survey is a platform where regular customers, just like you, can go and provide feedback about the restaurant.

This includes everything you like and dislike about the Restaurant.

With your feedback provided, Restaurants can re-evaluate their services in order to Give you a better experience.

All good food chains perform this activity on regular basis. For example, Burger King offers a free Whopper Sandwich upon completing their Guest Satisfaction Survey.

If you are a regular customer and want to provide some feedback, you can simply go to the official website at, and give your feedback.

As your Opinions and feedbacks are one of the most important factors in letting McDonald’s know about the Quality of Services and improve according to the Customer’s demands they Provide FREE FOOD in Return for taking part in the survey.

Objectives of McDVoice survey:

This survey is to know about the level of customer satisfaction.

  1. The survey is decisive for the company’s future.
  2. It tells about the weak points of the services and quality.
  3. It tells how the customer views the chain.
  4. It gives innovative ideas to the company.

How To Get Free Food by Completing McVoice Survey

Before jumping into how to get free food, there are a few sets of rules you have to follow to enter the McD Rewards survey.

Requirements are simple but important.

McDonalds Survey Rules & Requirements

You need the receipt from your last visit. If you have not kept it safe or lost it, you are not eligible to enter the Free food survey.

  • You need a device to access the internet to visit their online survey platform at as there is no other survey source available.
  • Your age must be 13 years or older.
  • Each Person is allowed to take 5 surveys every month.
  • You must take the survey within 30 days of your last visit to any of the McDonald’s fast food Restaurants.
  • Employees or company affiliates are not eligible for this survey.
  • The survey is for the residents of the United states, Canada and the UK. (survey procedure is same for all the countries)
  • Survey language is English, French and Spanish only.

MCDVOICE – Step by Step Guide for Mcdonald’s Survey

Getting Free sandwich by Completing Mcdonalds survey is not hard at all.

This Quick Step by Step guide will help you complete the mcdvoice customer satisfaction survey so you can get free food for yourself on your next visit.

mcdonalds survey screen at mcdvoice

  • First, get the McDonalds receipt from your last visit as without that you won’t be able to access the survey.
  • Now visit McDonalds Customer Satisfaction survey website at
  • Choose your language.
  • Enter the 24 Digit code mentioned on your Receipt.
  • Now, you will be taken to the survey page where you will be asked series of easy to answer questions about their services, food taste and quality, maintenance etc.

You just have to be honest and answer all these questions.

  • Hit the Submit Button after answering all the questions and your Mcdonalds survey is complete.
  • When you are done, you will be taken to a new screen and will be provided by a unique code. This will be the Mcdonalds survey validation code. You can redeem this code on your next visit to any of the MCD Restaurants by showing it at the counter.

What to do with the verification code?

Write down that code on the back of your receipt.

You can avail this within 30 days.

On your next visit show this receipt with a unique survey code to redeem free Food.
Remember, the code is valid for 1 person only.

McDonalds mcdvoice survey for the Residents of Canada

For the people of Canada, here is the guide to participating in the mcdvoice survey.

  • First, Get you McDonalds receipt of your last visit.
  • Then go to the survey website
  • Choose the Language you want to take the survey in. (English / Francais)
  • Enter the Restaurant Number from your Receipt and Click NEXT.
  • Now Enter the 24 digit code mentioned on the top of the receipt.
  • Once you Click Next you will enter the survey, Answer all the questions that are asked.
  • Hit the submit button when you are done taking the survey.

In the End, You will get the verification code. write it at the back side of your receipt.

This Code will be used to get FREE Food at Mcdonald’s. Just show this code on your next visit and you will be rewarded with free Stuff!

McDonalds Food for thought survey for the Residents of United Kingdom UK

For the people living in the United Kingdom, can take part in the survey by following the steps below:

  • Get your McDonalds receipt from your last visit.
  • Then go to the survey website at
  • Enter the 12 digit code mentioned on the top of the receipt. and the amount spent on your previous visit.
  • Click Start and you will enter the Mcdonalds Customer Experience Survey.
  • In the end, you will be provided by a verification code that you can redeem on your next visit by showing it at the cash counter.

McVoice McDonalds Survey Grand Prizes and Rewards

By taking part in the customer survey you are eligible to get free stuff from the food chain

However, you also enter yourself monthly/weekly sweepstakes with the Grand Prize of $1000.

How to win $1000 from McVoice survey?

When you complete McDonald’s survey, you are automatically included in the Lucky Draw where you can win $1000.

This is really awesome. You give your feedback and suggestions and also get a chance to win discounted food and a cash prize. 😉

Why take McDvoice survey?

This survey is beneficial for both, the customer and the McDonalds. Because:
The customer knows he has value and his feedback matters.
McDonalds welcome this survey to improve its food quality and services.
It’s another way to get free Ice Creams and food at Mcdonald’s 😉

Facts About McDonald’s Fast Food Restaurants

Being one of the Fastest growing food chains, McDonalds has become the Second Largest Food chain right after the worldwide known SUBWAY.

It has more than 36,900 Branches and outlets spreading all around the world in almost 121 different countries.

Mcdonalds was found by Richard & Maurice McDonald dating back in 1940.
Back then, this was a single Hamburger Store in San Bernardino, California.

McDonald’s is the world’s fourth largest employer by the number of employees touching 1.9 million.

You can visit the survey website for more information.
Share this post with your friends, so they can also enjoy free food. 😉

McDonald’s Contact

For further queries, you can contact McDonald’s.
UNITED STATES (USA): 1-800-244-6227
CANADA: 1-888-244-4622
UNITED KINGDOM (UK): 0370-524-4622

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