Makeup Primer or Makeup setting spay | What you Should Use and Why?

makeup primer or makeup setting spray

You probably have thought about it before that what is the best way to help set your makeup, and the term primer is what comes to your mind at first. But there is one more thing! And that is a makeup setting spray (as most of us don’t know about it). Professional makeup artists use it a lot.

If you are looking for the best thing to use for better, well balanced and long-lasting makeup you are at the right place. In this post, you will know exactly what are makeup primers and makeup setting sprays. How and when to use them!

What is a makeup Primer?

makeup primer usage

Makeup primer is like a cream/gell or a foundation that sits below your makeup, making a perfect canvas on your skin for smooth and even makeup application.

In other words, you may say the makeup primer is actually a base for your makeup.

Makeup primer works best for longer lasting makeup especially if you have an oily skin or are in a humid weather (say summers). Your makeup is more likely to fall off easily in these conditions and primer helps in keeping it up and fresh.

Here is all you need to know about makeup Primer

  • Makeup primer is in the form of a gel or a cream.
  • Primer helps in filling the fine lines and pores
  • It provides a matte finish to the makeup
  • It hydrates your skin as it is said that makeup (kind of) harms your skin.
  • Keeps your makeup up for longer time period
  • Creates a smooth base for your makeup
  • Is applied using makeup brushes but using the fingertips is recommended by most people.
  • It is heavy on the pockets but sometimes you need to invest in things that are worth it.
  • It also helps with the lesser amount of makeup. (save your makeup for more!)

What is a Makeup Setting Spray?

makeup setting spray usage


You can Guess by the name of it. Makeup setting spray works just like a hairspray and helps to set the makeup in place. Both makeup Primers and Setting sprays work the same but the application is different.

Makeup setting spray is applied after the makeup to enhance the look of your makeup and it also leaves a slightly glossy look to it.

You may say setting spray can be used to add finishing touche to the makeup.

Here is all you need to know about makeup Setting Spray

• It Sets the makeup in place.
• Helps your makeup to last longer.
• Add glossy shine to the skin
• It is easier to apply and use.
• And comes with a low budget!

Primer vs Makeup Setting Spray | Where are they both different?

makeup primer vs makeup setting spray

Now that we know both makeup primers and setting sprays are used for enhancing your makeup’s look and help it last longer; they both are different in terms of application.

A makeup primer is applied Pre-Makeup whereas, a Makeup setting spray is applied Post-Makeup.
The Question still remains the same what is better to be applied? Can primer and setting spray both be used together? So, let’s get to that!

Primer is for Uneven Skin textures.
If you have an uneven skin, or cracks in your skin (could be from acne or other reasons), Primer works best. Primer Fills up the gaps in the skin and makes a smooth surface for the makeup to be applied on. Once the base is smooth, you can apply makeup more evenly.

It Provides a perfect base to start the makeup and end up with a perfect look.

Makeup Primer also gives a Matte finish to the makeup as most people like.

Makeup Setting Spray is a glue for makeup.
So, You already have a smooth skin and decide not to use primer but are still looking forward to a longer lasting makeup, Makeup setting spray is for you!

You can apply the makeup and at the end, apply a little bit of makeup setting spray you are all good to go. You don’t need a primer base for your makeup to stay up longer. Setting spray is enough.

Makeup setting spray gives a nice glossy fresh look to the makeup as well.

Hope this clears things up a little 

Can You Use Primer and Makeup Setting Spray both together?

Well, certainly yes! Both primer and Setting spray can be used together. If you don’t want the matte finish from the primer, then You can use the setting spray at the end to give a little shine and some extra grip on the makeup!


Go for makeup primer when you want to create a base for your makeup and hide the pores on your skin. Because only a primer can help you with hiding the pores and making a smooth surface for the makeup.

Go for the setting spray if you already have a smooth skin and no fine lines and you know that the makeup can be applied smoothly without needing a base.

Both can be applied whenever needed! Depends on how much strength you are looking for and what kind of finish you want depending on your skin conditions.

Hope this article was helpful, please share if you like what you read 

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