How to make perfect eyebrows? Make Eyebrows according to the Shape of your Face

how to make perfect eyebrows

Making perfect Eyebrows

How To Make Perfect Eyebrows (step by step guide)


Step 1: Eyebrows need to be brushed carefully

The First thing which has to be done is to comb eyebrow from front to tail.

Step 2: Measure it

Your best brow aligns with the inner tear duct with an arch that’s about 11 o’clock from right where sleep collects.

Step 3: Throw some shade to give them texture

Next, you’re going to use the Brow Whiz as a matte shadow that goes underneath the hairs to fill in density, Especially where there are spots, gently fill them

Step 4: Add detail to the Brows

Then adding a little bit more fullness to the front for thickness, take the Brow Pen and just draw in hairs right at the front towards the nose and then also add more density to the tail.

Step 5: Set it

Finish with clear brow gel combing hair up because you want to show that hair texture. It locks it in place and your brows are done.

Here is a Great Tutorial By Jeannine to make Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an important facial feature 

The famous makeup artist Joe Haley states that “The right eyebrows will help open up the entire eye area and work to improve the face’s overall symmetry”. This stresses without saying how much importance eyebrows have.

Eyes brows and personality grooming 

The perfect and right eyebrows shape can make a personal appearance more bright, charming and youthful. When you Groom your personality and your facial features perfectly as you want to look, you become more confident. and if you are not satisfied with your look you will lose your confidence.

The right eyebrow shape can give a perfect look to your face, but you must be very careful regarding your facial what type of face cut you have and what type of shape will go with your face.

How to make perfect eyebrows

How to make perfect eyebrows according to your face

First Recognise what Type of Face you have

We can say that Brows shape depends on some factors such as Facial curves, arch length, and thickness of your face because everyone has different facial structure.

Here are some most common facial Structures or shapes most girls have. Which one are you?

  • Oval

make eyebrows according to face

  • Round

make eyebrows according to face

  • Long

make eyebrows according to face

  • Square

make eyebrows according to face

  • Heart

make eyebrows according to face

  • Diamond

make eyebrows according to face

It is quite a delicate thing to do you need proper attention and you must be aware of your facial features. Through some easy steps, you’ll recognize your facial structure and best makeup accordingly for your eyebrows.

Steps to recognize your face 

  • First of all, you will need a scale to measure the face

The first and foremost step is to measure your face on a proper scale. Next, all steps are dependant on this step.

  • Place the scale beside your face and measure.

Measure your face with a scale and note that reading to use in future. It is recommended to measure till your chin. Divide the total length by 3. For example, 8 divided by 3 is 2.67. The next step would be to measure the length from the bottom of your face till your chin.

  • Long Face

In this case, it is 2 1/3, so if the latter number is larger than the first number, then good chances are that you have a long face.

  • Round Face

Same is the measurement of other face types and if the latter number is less than the first number, then you should be pretty sure that you have a round face

If you are Having a hard time determining the shape of your face, then you can check this post on how to determine your face shape.


Perfect Eyebrows role in person success

Personality Grooming is more important to make a person perfect and complete and we need to be well presented.Getting your hair, nails, and Face done is the important part of groomed personality.

Eyes are the most important of a Human face and reflect personality at most, and perfectly shaped eyebrows get the spotlight, and consequently, well-shaped brows perform the role of a frame to highlight the best features of the face.

It is stated that brows cannot be ignored especially when you have a job or a social welfare. These days, nothing is impossible things become easier and friendly.

As you are investing your time and energy to achieve your goal. You should be careful with your each and every act.


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