Take Checkers Survey at www.guestobsessed.com and WIN FREE FOOD | Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey

www.guestobsessed.com survey by checkers

Checkers survey: Checkers and Rally’s Love to provide the best customer experience at their restaurant. So they have come up with a guest obsessed survey at www.guestobsessed.com to get to know the needs of their customers and provide better Guest experience at their dine-in or drive-thru.

If you are looking forward to getting a free Sandwich and free fries from checkers than you are at the right post to help you get free food by completing the Checkers survey at www.guestobsessed.com

Checkers survey Prize

A little About Checkers and Rally’s

Rally’s was found in 1985 serving in the Midwest region followed by Checkers found in 1986 which was then serving in the south-east region of united states of America. Checkers merged with rally’s in 1999 with their joint headquarter established in Tampa, Florida, USA.



Today Checkers and Rally’s are serving in 28 different states alongside district of Columbia. Checkers and Rally’s have more than 800 Outlets in Washington DC alone. Checkers and Rally’s has now become one of the largest Double Drive-in restaurants and both of them are offering similar products and services.

The specialty of Checkers and Rally’s include Hamburgers, Fries, Hotdogs, and Milkshakes.

With regular Customer/Guest Obsessed surveys, They really get to know about the needs of their customers and come with new and better services to provide their customers with a better experience.

In return, Checkers and Rally not only try to provide better service, They also give FREE SANDWICH as a thanksgiving gesture.

Contact Checkers and Rally’s

Address: Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.
4300 West Cypress St. Suite 600
Tampa, FL 33606

Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Checkers Survey

Checkers survey was formed In Order to improve their Customer services and get feedback about their products and Customer experience.

They designed Checkers survey to improve the following:

  • Improving Customer Satisfaction
  • Loyalty and retention
  • Enhance their Quality
  • Get to know about their areas of improvement
  • Find expansion opportunities
  • Address the concerns of Unhappy Customers
  • Get Feedback From their Customers.

What you Need to Enter the Checkers Survey

Before starting checkers Guest Obsessed Survey there are a few thing you must know

  • You must have a checkers and rally’s receipt from your last visit or survey invitation.
  • A mobile or computer device with active internet connection.
  • You probably know English.

Step by Step guide to take Checkers survey at www.guestobsessed.com

If you have the Receipt from your last Checkers and Rally’s visit, or you have the survey invitation than here is what you have to do to take the checkers survey and redeem free sandwich.

complete checkers and rally's survey guide


  • Go to the survey website www.guestobsessed.com or click here
  • Enter the 4 digit store code that is mentioned your receipt


  • Then you will be asked to select the date. Select the date from your last visit to checkers and rally’s that is mentioned on your receipt and hit the start button
  • Now you have entered the checker guestobsessed survey!
  • You will be asked to enter the visit type if you had a dine in or a drive-thru. Specify your visit type and click next.

checkers survey visit type

  • Now you will be asked to rate different questions based on your experience.

www.guestobsessed.com questions

  • Rate your checkers and rally’s experience and hit next.
  • After the questions, you will be asked if you ever faced any problems during your visit. if you did, you can select yes and write down the problem you faced and click submit to complete the checkers survey.

guest obsessed survey


  • On successfully completing the checkers survey you will be provided by a checkers survey code.

Checkers and Rally’s GuestObsessed Survey Code

The unique survey code you get after completing the survey is our reward ;).


Write down that code on the back of your receipt.



Take that receipt along with you on your next visit and you can redeem a free sandwich by just showing that code at the reception. Now enjoy the free sandwich.

click here to start you checkers survey and win a free sandwich

You can also get Free Fries from checkers Here is How

When you complete the checkers survey at www.guestobsessed.com you will be rewarded with free Sandwich but you can also have free fries. you just have to signup to checkers and you will be given another coupon code to redeem free fries from checkers.

checkers free fries

How to get free fries from checkers

  • Go to the checkers official website
  • Click the sign up now button
  • Input the data you have been asked. for example your name, email, phone number, address etc.
  • When completed you will be provided with a Coupon Code which you can use to get FREE FRIES from the checkers on your next visit.


  • You don’t have to make any purchase to get free fries.
  • You can only redeem 1 fries for each person signing up to checkers.



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